The Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate has established a sub-committee to consider the changes to be made to Teraview. The sub-committee has received its mandate and has undertaken its work.

Issues raised by practitioners:

The Working Group is maintaining a list of matters which are brought to its attention regarding Teraview 2.0.  These are matters which the Bar would like to see incorporated in the program or which it would want resolved.   The Working Group will put these matters forward to the Director of Titles, the government and Teranet and post updates as we have further information.

1.    Signing Transfer for Completeness without purchaser lawyer input;
     -   The vendor lawyer should be able to complete the transfer without the purchaser lawyer inserting any info (i.e. tax status);
2.    Separate listing or tab for Land Titles Bulletins - Active ones with an archive section for discontinued or updated ones;

3. Ability to subscribe to notice when a new Bulletin is issued;

4. Copies of Standard Charge Terms (SCT)

5. Incorporating Residency declaration into Teraview

6. Other? – send the Working Group a note


If anyone has any issue which he or she wants to bring to the sub-committee's attention to advance on behalf of the users of the Teraview system or any improvements to be suggested, please contact us.

Teraview Consultation Sub-Committee