Mentoring Initiative


This initiative was launched by the Working Group in March, 2013. It is hoped that any lawyer in Ontario who practices real estate will participate and encourage those he/she is in contact with to do so. 


The Working Group launched this initiative to mentor real estate lawyers on best practices. Because we do not have the resources to individually mentor, the concept is to create survey questions about various aspects of the work in a real estate transaction and then provide a comment in response to the survey results. It is hoped that this will generate discussion about the practice, encourage ideas to be shared and create an atmosphere to suggest best practices to better serve our clients and possibly create more efficient practice. 


The responses are anonymous, except we might ask that you indicate in which County/District you practice and provide you with the option to more specifically indicate in which city you practice. Otherwise no one will know who is responding. The Working Group is using the SimpleSurvey survey software for this purpose.

Click here to respond to the latest survey questions. We will only post a few related questions at a time, about once a month, in order to minimize the time to respond and increase the participation. The greater number of lawyers who participate, the more relevant will be the information. 

Click here if you wish to review the questions previously dealt with and the answers provided, including the committee's comments. These questions are archived in order that you can consult them. It is hoped that this growing list of questions will provide guidance and food for thought to real estate lawyers about various aspects of the transaction.

Click here to send this survey link to a practicing lawyer(s) you know, to encourage them to answer the questions. 

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