Seminar in a Box


In order to promote the profession to consumers, the Working Group has developed a program for home purchasers throughout Ontario. With the Seminar in a Box, local law associations or even individual lawyers can promote, manage and organize home buyer seminars as a means of developing direct contact with the home buying public. 

The "Seminar in a Box" kit consists of a sample invitation, a program outline for presenters to follow and an actual PowerPoint presentation to show at the seminar itself. This kit is intended to be a complete "how to guide" on conducting these consumer seminars. The items in the kit can all be downloaded through the specific items listed below. 

The Working Group feels that it is imperative that the "Seminar in a Box" be supported and well received by the local associations inasmuch as it represents the first significant effort by the profession to reach out to consumer clients and establish a rapport with the home buying public.


Presentation Outline for Local Real Estate Lawyers

Presentation in a Box Sept 04